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Wolves Den Training Center Brings Back Youth Classes

This July the Wolves’ Den Training Center is brining back its youth classes since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Five days a week we will be offering the highest level of martial arts training for students 5-13.

We have chosen four of out best instructors to guide your child through their martial arts journey. To sign your child up just hit our contact form on the front page of our website and try out your very first class free of charge.

Our hours are as followed:

  • Monday 4:30pm – Gi Jiu-jitsu
  • Tuesday 4:30pm – No Gi Jiu-jitsu
  • Wednesday 4:30pm – Gi Jiu-jitsu 
  • Thursday 4:30pm – No Gi Jiu-jitsu
  • Saturday 9:30pm – Kick boxing

Our dedicated team of instructors:

Luke Ebers: Head No-Gi youth instructor

Luke started training at the age of 6 under his brother, and the Wolves’ Den head instructor, Andrew Ebers. Luke currently holds the rank of four stripe blue belt. After four years of wrestling at Christian Brothers college he placed 5th place at the class four Missouri state championships. He also placed first at the Fuji state championships is 2017, as well as other countless other jiu-jitsu tournaments.

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Dewayne Diggs: Head Gi Youth Instructor

Dewayne Diggs is a Bellator veteran with a professional record of 3-2. Dewayne holds the rank of one stripe Blue belt. He also placed second at the Fuji state Championships in 2021 in the Gi division.

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Lillie Helton: Head youth kickboxing coach

Lillie Helton has competed all over the world in amateur kickboxing. She is currently a team USA member for WAKO, and is one of the top amateur female kickboxers in the country.  

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Jeff Bradshaw: Assistant youth Jiu-jitsu coach

Jeff Bradshaw has been involved in martial arts his entire life. Jeff holds an amateur MMA record of 2-1. He holds the rank of four strip white belt. 

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